How Can I Make a Multi-Answer Drag & Drop Quiz?

Oct 04, 2013

Hi Heroes, 

Here’s a hum-dinger for you! I want to do a Drag & Drop quiz that has multiple correct answers. In the attached file I have four questions (blue rectangle). I also have two “kinds” of answers (red arrows on the left with numbers, and green arrows on right with letters).

Please notice: there are three green arrows that are the same “answer” along with two red arrows that are the same “answer” from that side.

Everything “correct” should look like this:

  • Question 1 = Red 1 + Green C
  • Question 2 = Red 3 + Green C
  • Question 3 = Red 2 + Red 3 + Green A
  • Question 4 = Red 3 + Green B

Problem: The Learner should be able to take ANY Red 3 and place it on ANY correct question. The Learner should be able to take ANY Green C and place it on ANY correct question.

I find that when you designate any “Drag Item (answer)” to a “Drop Target (question)” that particular Red or Green arrow answer is no longer available to be “dropped” a second time.

I’m doing this to replace a boring table of information and instead make them work for it:


Question 1



Question 2


2 and 3

Question 3



Question 4






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Richard Blunt

Hi Heroes,

I still can't figure out what I want to do with this interaction. I tried Variables & Trigger and States & Triggers and it still does not work cleanly. The attached file has both approaches.

Phil: Maybe I just don't understand what you were getting at.

Any thoughts or heroic saves? Or is this a good candidate for the weekly challenge?



Peter Davison


Thanks for your post. As you can see I am new to storyline and I am eager to pick up any useful bits and pieces.

It took me a while to figure out how you got this to work and in the process realised that a user could get the correct answer, change their minds and move things to other drop zones but still get to the correct layer.

This then became my Friday afternoon challenge. After many different approaches the one I could get to work consistently was using states and variables together. I have made the states visibly different so you can see what is going on.



Jeremy Negrey

I just did something similar today in Storyline 2.  I had a question that was basically like this: Drag and drop each of the following items into either the Red column or Blue column.
A. Apple
B. Blueberry
C. Strawberry
D. The Sky

What I ended up doing was creating two "targets" (red and blue) and multiple answer choices. I configured the targets to allow more than one answer choice to be selected and I turned off the "snap to" feature.  Now, as long as A & C are dropped in the "Red" target and B & D are dropped in the blue target, it doesn't matter what order they are in or how neatly they are placed.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Rakesh! 

It sounds like you created a custom drag-and-drop interaction, and you want to give the learner points for each correct answer. Is that right?

Would you mind sharing this slide as a sample so we can see how you set up your variables? Since this is a public forum, you can import the slide into a new file.  Then, remove any proprietary information and share the file in a new reply here. 

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