How can I pull text from one slide to another based on a condition

Can you make text on one slide in a Storyline lesson appear on a different slide in that lesson only when the user selects it?  I have successfully pulled the text to a different slide using variables, but I can't figure out how to build in a condition so the text only appears on the 2nd slide if it is selected by the learner.   I'm trying to build an end-of-lesson list that's made up of selections the learner has made throughout the lesson.  I'm hoping there's a solution that doesn't involve JavaScript, which is beyond my expertise.  Does anyone know how this can be done in Storyline? 

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Allison Nederveld

Hi Janet -

I'm not totally sure what your set up looks like (how are they selecting text?) but perhaps you could create another variable for each item of text. Set it to false and turn it to true when the user selects the text.  Then, in whatever trigger you are using the pull the text, add a condition that the text variable must be true.

Janet Tykowski

Owen - Thanks for the suggestion!

Ashley - Thanks for the welcome!  I haven't posted anything before, but I've certainly used information out here frequently over the last year or so that I've been using Storyline.  It's a great resource!

I may not have worded my original question perfectly.   I'm basically walking the learner through a flow that will lead them to one or more text answers based on how they answer Yes/No questions.  I have Yes/No question slides, text answer slides and a final list slide.  The user selects Yes or No to the first question, then clicks Next.  If they choose Yes, they'll go to one slide and if they choose No, they'll go to a different slide.  If that slide is a question slide, they answer Yes or No and click Next.  If it is a text answer slide, they read the answer then click Next to continue.  They continue this process until they get to the end of the flow.   I want to consolidate all of the text answers that the learner sees along the way on the final slide, so they end up with a list of them.  The trick is, I only want the list to include the text answers they actually saw.  Every learner would see at least one text answer slide and no learner would see all of them.  Does that make sense? 

Josh Uhlig

There may be an easier way, but you could do this with a bunch of text variables and triggers.  I made an example, but it's a little difficult to explain.  

Perhaps taking a look will give you some ideas.  Click on the numbers to move forward and skip a number if you wish.  The order of the triggers are very important in this example.


This is totally possible, I did something like this recently. We have an application that users need fill out a form to gain access to. Historically, we have had many users complete the form incorrectly and apply for the wrong access group based on their role. I had the app owner provide for me a decision tree diagram that I used to create the StoryLine file. As josh suggested, I used variables and triggers to determine what to sown on the final "instructions" slide. Unfortunately, the file is full of proprietary company information and cannot be shared. :(