How can I replay an animation after the slide has been visited?

I have made a science fair board course and I want the learners to be able to go back to the different layers but the animations will not replay.  animation.

How can I reset the animation?  What is the trigger?

Can a layer replay an animation or does it have to able in another scene?

I have attached the file and posted the link as well. 

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Walt Hamilton

Here are a couple of ideas.

Check Slide 1. Set the Notebook layer's properties to "Reset to initial state when revisiting. Then create a trigger on the Send Back Layer to show the Notebook layer when the timeline starts on the Send Back Layer. It is easy, it works, but I don't like it. The problem shows if the learner clicks the Samples out of order. Sample 4 is on top, and if it shows first, it covers the others.

See slide 2 for an approach I prefer. ( I didn't make the change to the Send Back Layer on Slide 2.) Make the sample page a state of the button that shows it, and the animation will repeat every time the button is clicked. Here is a tip to speed up your process. Select a page and copy it. Select the corresponding button and edit its states. Add a state named Selected, and press CTRL-V. The page is copied exactly to its original position, with all its animations intact. You don't have to fiddle to get it right. Be sure to name the state "Selected". That way, when you click the button, the page appears and when you click again, it disappears (the button returns to Normal state.)  Now for the super-secret handshake that gives it superpowers. Select all four buttons, right-click on them, choose Button Set, and select Button Set 1. The superpower is that since they are all part of a set, only one of them can be selected at a time. When one is selected, all the others are changed to Normal. The animations will work in any order, as long as the learner is willing to click them. You can forget the other layer, and there is no need to reset the animations.

Reba Matthews

Thank you so much for responding!!!!

Also, thank you for giving me the fixed slides.  Those slides will help me understand everything you said.  I am going to try to replicate the tasks.

Wow...I didn't even think about the user clicking the photos out of order and it covering the others.