How can I share my e-learning with you

Dec 01, 2014

 I would like to share a drag and drop I did where I convert an articulate character into an aussie.. but don't know how to send this to you or how to host .. .. (very limited IT skills and working on my own) Can you tell me how to do this in a non tech way...I have a I need to save everything in both the mobile and story content folders..and all the files that were saved when I saved the articulate project...

 Thanks so much, (sorry if this is a dumb question) Christine


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Chris Basson

Hi Christine

It is always nice to see how other people do things. There are two ways to go about sharing content. You can upload the .story file as an attachment by using the 'Add attachment' feature when you use the forum or you can create a hyperlink from the document on Google drive. You can do this by going to Google drive and right click on the file you want to share. Hover over the 'Share' option and it will open a side panel. Click on 'Share' on the side panel. It will open up a share panel. Look in the top right corner of the panel you will see a 'Get sharable link' option. Click on it and it will copy the link to your document to your clippoard. Now go to your post where you want to share the content and just paste the link into it (ctrl+v). Hit enter after the link is pasted and the form will most likely recognise it as a link.

Here is a link to a document where I used this method.

 I hope this helps.


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