how can I stop a swf object looping in Storyline

Jan 09, 2013

Hi there

I'm running a small animation on a Storyline screen. It's not interactive, just a cartoon character wobbling on a chair. But it keeps looping when I don't want it to - in fact, I just want it to run through the animation once.

My colleague created the animation in Flash, and she turned off looping when she did so, so we're not sure why it keeps doing it.

Anybody have any thoughts about this one?

Thanks in advance


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Anne England

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Hi Christine


Thanks – that’s a good way round the problem, as I have all thestatic images anyway. I think it might be good to include a looping control inStoryline, however, as it does seem to ‘ignore’ the original settings fromFlash. Particularly important as Storyline’s own animation options are basic –my original method was to do a sort of ‘stop-frame’ animation using multiplecopies of the same image fading in and out, and it was OK, but so much betterwhen my clever colleague created the little Flash file for me!



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