How can you make a single button do progressive things?

Jun 25, 2015

I am pretty new to Storyline 2 (about 1 week).  I am trying to get a single button to do progessive things.  To be precise I have built a picture using shapes.  The shapes are all in a hidden state.  I am using the picture to "keep score".  As a team gets a question right, I press the button and more of their picture is revealled.  There is a 2nd button doing the same for Team 2.

My thoughts was to use "change state of" "Piece 1" to "Normal" when "Button 1" is clicked.  Then "change state of "Piece 2" to "Normal" when "Button 1" is clicked (With variable - "If Piece 1 is Normal"). 

I would then build the progressive string of variables to each button click.  But when I preview, the button does nothing on a second click. 

Is there a better wy to accomplish my goal?


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