How difficult is it to update course content in SCORM vs. AICC?

Jul 17, 2013


We have only recently purchased Storyline and so have not had much experience with it yet. We have been told by our LMS vendor that they support both AICC and SCORM 1.2. They also mentioned that making updates to course content is easier for AICC-based courses than for SCORM -- so, of course, for that reason we'd prefer AICC.

We are conducting tests using a PowerPoint that was imported into Storyline. We are having no problem accessing the course if it was published in SCORM format, but not so AICC. Because of our firewall we cannot access the ftp site where we would need to house the content, and we may have a battle on our hands to have our MIS department "white list" this site.

In the interest of avoiding this battle (which we may lose anyway), we are wondering just how much more difficult is it to update course content published in SCORM format vs. AICC?

Can anyone  provide details of their experience with this?



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