How Do I Animate Images and Associated Caption te

Feb 21, 2015

I have a slide for which I'm trying to animate in 4 different photos (2 on top; 2 on the bottom).  I think I've figured out how to animate in the images, but how do I get the captions (contained in text boxes) to animate in with the images?  Can anyone offer any advice?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Joan

i notice you are posting lots of questions. Have you had a look at the tutorials for the version of Storyline you are using...they might help you.  SL2 has some practice files you can download and work along with the video tutorial.

In response to your question you could move the caption along the timeline to fade in when the associated image fades in ...or group the photo and caption together 

Joan Loshek

Thanks, Wendy.  I finally figured out this one.  I wound up moving the caption and the image along the timeline.  Sorry about all the questions.  I have done some of the tutorials, but the more I do, the more questions I seem to have and there still seem to be things I can't get to work the way I want them to. This is Day 3 I think in Storyline 2.

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