How do I change state of button on one slide as well as include other triggers

Jan 27, 2016

I have a menu where all but one button is in state Disabled to start. I want the button to change state from disabled to normal when the relevant scene is completed. At first I want the button to show a layer with an error saying that they have to complete the section first. Once the state is changed to normal after starting the timeline of the last slide in the scene then I want the button to jump to the scene. I set up one trigger on the button to show layer if it is in state Disabled and another trigger to jump to the scene if state is normal but they don't seem to be working. I tried using a true false variable as well, but I am getting twisted in knots with variable and triggers. Why won't the simple 2 triggers work? I have attached a screen shot. 

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Preston Ruddell

Hello Gael!

For me, this is easiest to accomplish using the true/false variable option.  For each section, create a true/false variable.  It helps to label them as relevantly as possible (IntroductionComplete, RegistrationComplete, etc.)  Set the value to initially false.  Have the variable change to true once the timeline starts on your last slide of that section (IntroductionComplete changes at the beginning of the last slide of the Introduction Section).

Once you have that variable working properly, then you can just base your menu states off of those variables.  The trigger should read "Change state of Registration to Normal when timeline begins If IntroductionComplete is equal to True"

I agree that it can get confusing.  One trick I use to help debug confusing triggers/variables is to use variable references.  If you give my suggestion a try and are having difficulty in the introduction section, Create a text box on each slide and type "%IntroductionComplete%" in the text box.  Now, you will be able to see what the variable is on each slide.  Confirm that it changes on the last slide, and confirm that it remains true when you go back to the menu.  If that works, then you know that the variable is good, and you can now take a look at your states and the related triggers.

I hope this helps!

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