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Tom Adams

So I had to play around with this, and Wendy is correct. For an example, maybe you're going to have the learner click a box and another box appear I set up a trigger that I thought should work, but doesn't. The trigger was: when the learner clicks Rectangle 1, change the state of Rectangle 2 to Normal. But I think that, because setting the states to hidden is located AFTER this click-the-rectangle trigger in the Triggers list, Rectangle 2's state can't change from hidden to normal. I tried a hotspot trigger with the same result. 

FYI, I'm a fairly new user of S360 but I've been doing eLearning with other tools for over 20 years, most recently with Captivate. So there may be something obvious here that I'm missing.

Jesse, could you describe what you're doing with your squares? And could you or someone validate my analysis and provide an answer? 


Jesse Kramer

I'm using an org chart as my means of navigation in my course. I'm attempting to explain the interaction and function of the various sales and marketing groups within my organization. It's rather complicated and I"m trying creating this primarily for new hires but I know some people who've been with the organization a while who could probably benefit from this. 

Anyway, when a user hovers over a particular block on the org chart it's going to change color depending on whether that person is in marketing or sales. The block is on the bottom most layer, then the label on the org chart and finally sitting on top is a hotspot. When a user hovers over the hotspot the block will change color. When the user click they jump to a new slide with a different version of the org chart and the group they are investigating's block is always showing a different color but they can hover over the other parts of the org chart to see who they might want to explore next. Hope that all makes sense. Maybe later this week I can upload a version of what I"m working on.