How do I compile a list of selected items?

Apr 08, 2024

Hello! I'm working on a project for my course and I need help figuring out how to create a process for compiling a final list of selected items, similar to a checkout basket in online shopping. I have a pool of 50 questions, and I want users to be able to pick a maximum of 10 questions they want to use later.

My plan was to use checkboxes to allow users to select their preferred questions, with a true/false variable indicating whether each question is selected or not. Then, at the end of the course, I would have a button that checks each variable's state. If it's true (indicating the question is selected), I want to add it to the final list. However, I'm unsure how to actually copy or duplicate the content of the selected items to another location.

I'd appreciate any advice or guidance on how to achieve this. Thank you!

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