How do I customize the correct entry text in NEXTCHA Tan template?

Jun 26, 2015

How do I replace the "NEXTCHA" text answer in the template with the text answer I want the learner to type in?

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Joseph Roberson

Thank you Christie. I think what I am supposed to do is replace the default text in the States panel. So, I  selected the text entry box shape and then replaced "NEXTCHA" with "18" in 3 separate occurrences/lines. This worked once in the template story, but not when I imported the template  into my project. Now, it does not work even in the template. I'm missing something. Help appreciated.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Joseph - 

Thanks for your response. In order to change the actual answer, you need to change it in the Trigger panel, on the condition. Please see below:

If issues persist, you may also want to share your file or a sample here so we can take a closer look. Additionally, it's always good to confirm that you are working locally as described here, and you might want to try to repair Storyline. Please let us know if that helps! 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Joseph -- Apologies for any confusion. The screenshot above is from an SL1 file and the template is an SL1 file. I have updated the troubleshooting links as well to be SL1 specific. Please let me know if that helps, and if not, you are welcome to share your .story file here for further exploration, or if you prefer, you may work with our Support Staff directly using this form

Joseph Roberson

Here is the .story file.

In Scene 1, Definitions, see 1.2 Post-Roll. I changed NEXTCHA to 18.

On preview, when I enter 18 the Incorrect message is triggered.

Can you help? Thanks!


1. What/where is "PostRoll3"?

2. What does "When the control loses focus" mean?

3. I deleted condition under Layer Triggers so NEXTCHA button changes to Normal state when text changes in PostRoll-1 text entry box because there was no obvious "Submit" function. Is that meant to be accomplished by hitting Enter/Return key?

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