How do I get rid of Prev and Next buttons on revisiting a page

Jan 12, 2016

Hello I have designed some eLearning that uses arrows instead of the inbuilt navigation controls so I have deselected the the Prev and Next options in the Slide Properties.
However, I have noticed on revisiting some slides the Prev and Next buttons appear. I have noticed this happens on slides where I have asked a question. The slide contains a feedback layer for the incorrect/correct answers which has a continue button on it. When I revist the slide after clicking continue, the Prev and Next buttons appear. Is there something I need to select in the Slide Layer properties to stop this happening?  Any help appreciated. Thanks Amanda


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ashraf Akbar

Hi Amanda 

If you keep the default review quiz option, you can not remove the next prev buttons. Although, there is a cheat that you can hide those buttons by adding a side layer on each slide (this layer should contain nothing but a shape over those buttons) You can make that shape (white or whatever color of your slide) .

I did this for one of our modules and it worked fine.

Let me know if  it works 

Amanda  Gunning

Hi Ashraf

Thanks for your suggestion. I am quite new to storyline so not sure how to remove the default review quiz option or if I have quite understood what you did. 

The pages I refer to are just test your knowledge type questions so there is no review of the answers afterwards just a correct and incorrect feedback layer displayed.

I tried creating a box (is that what you mean by a side layer?) on each of the 3 layers to cover the prev and next buttons visible at the bottom of the screen. However I guess because the boxes are not in the design area they didn't show up on preview and the buttons were still visible.  

I am not using the inbuilt player navigation.

Hope this makes sense!



ashraf Akbar

First of all, if you want to remove that correct/incorrect thing, you can go to the result slide and in the properties, uncheck the option (see image) .

Secondly, if you name a side layer "Review" it will be shown while reviewing and thus will hide the next,pre buttons.

Try that and let me know if it helps.

You can share your file if you like us to look closely


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

The prev/next buttons will appear on a revisit to a question slide or as a part of the review of questions as you'll see detailed here. If you're still having difficulty and that article doesn't match your set u p, as Ashraf mentioned we'd be happy to take a look at the .story file and offer any other thoughts or suggestions. 

Amanda  Gunning

Thanks Ashley and Ashraf, I have submitted a request via the link you kindly provided above - can either of you see my file from that? 

I don't have permission to upload to this site but can send separately if you are able to provide email addresses to me

Many thanks for any help, it is much appreciated!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda, 

I'm not sure where you uploaded it too as the link I shared above was to a tutorial. If you're not able to upload here in the forums (you need to visit this page to upload, not just reply via email with the attachment) and use the "add attachment" button. 

You are also welcome to visit this link and send it along to our Support engineers who are happy to take a look. 

Amanda  Gunning

Thanks Ashley - there was a link to the page you mention above via the previous link you gave me so I submitted a request. They have repied to say that it is expected behaviour.  

Ashraf is also looking at this for me - fingers crossed there is a work around as is doesn't look professional to the end users to see two sets of navigation.

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