How do I print a searchable pdf file holding all slides in a Storyline 360 presentation?

Feb 02, 2022


Storyline 360 presentations can be published to WORD. However, the WORD file that's generated is not suitable for my purposes i.e.

  • the "notes" supporting the slide appear as text - however, all of the slide contents seem to appear in the WORD file as images (non-searchable); and
  • the resolution of the images [referred to above] is poor; and
  • extensive formatting (changing paragraph spacing, inserting page breaks  etc.) is required to improve the presentation of the WORD document.  

Can anyone advise me of the easiest way of printing a Storyline presentation (150+ slides) to a pdf file (1 slide per page in the pdf file) that is well-formatted and searchable?

The pdf file will be made available to learners for future reference (when they are no longer registered as a learner in the LMS that hosts the published HTML5 Storyline presentation.) 

Generating a well-formatted high resolution pdf file can be done easily with PowerPoint files and I'm not sure why this feature does not appear to be available with Storyline.

I apologise in advance if I have missed something obvious.

Any guidance would be appreciated.   

Thank you.


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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Jon,

What you are describing is not currently possible in SL. The Word publishing option was used quite a bit (back in the day) for reviewing purposes, but since Review 360 I don't think many use it in that way. The thing about screenshotting a SL course is that, presumably, you have interactivity on the slides, possibly objects coming and out at certain times and other things like hidden objects, objects with different custom states, etc etc. It would be difficult if  not impossible to 'get everything' in a screenshot. 

To extract the text from SL, you could try the translation function (though this will not solve your issue), and another idea would be to publish the course to CD, which creates an executable file you could potentially share, and people could open locally on their machines (you could even burn it to a CD if anyone even does that anymore :) )

Sorry I couldn't help more, maybe others have other ideas about this. Good luck!

Jon Greenheld

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for your very quick response and your suggestions.

I'm beginning to think I should have moved to another PowerPoint add-in product (such as iSpring or EasyGenerator) when Articulate decided to shift from the PowerPoint-based products (Presenter/QuizMaker/Engage and then Studio 360) to Storyline 360. 

I feel like I have lost control of my slide content in Storyline i.e. I cannot transfer this content to Microsoft products (i.e. WORD and PowerPoint) because the authoring tool (Storyline) has secured ownership of what I have created.

I'm not keen on recreating  my slide content (32 presentations comprised of more than 4,000 slides - including numerous diagrams and tables - audio on nearly every slide - taking more than 1 year to create). I thought this might be a risk when I signed on for Storyline 360 - however, I didn't fully appreciate the scope of the restrictions.


Veronica Budnikas

Hey Jon,

I'm not sure I would call these 'restrictions'. I mean, like any software, when you put 'content' into it you do so to create something new and hopefully with the knowledge of what kind of output you can get. If you create a video using Adobe Premier, you wouldn't be able to export that out as a Word file, or SCORM package.

You always have access to your own content (Storyline does not have ownership of your content) while you have the software. Even with PowerPoint, if you didn't pay MS for the product, you would be limited in what you could do.

Anyway, sorry to hear things are quite what you expected. I do believe there are other people wanting a feature that allows you to convert SL files into PPT. I have no idea if that is in the pipeline, but you can always add your voice via a feature request.


Jon Greenheld

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for your response.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that the text I have typed on Storyline slides can be exported and edited using other software.

I agree that it would be unreasonable to expect that a video created with Adobe Premiere could be exported to WORD and edited. However, I would expect to be able to export the video in a generic format [mp4, H.264 etc.] that can be edited using other video software and it seems this can be done.

The difference between retaining access to my Storyline presentations and retaining access to PowerPoint files is the cost i.e. MS Office costs me US$70 per annum – whereas Storyline 360 costs nearly US$1,000 per annum. Another key difference is that I can export my PowerPoint content (in an editable format) to pdf.

Given that Storyline’s basic features are obviously based on PowerPoint, I assume adding an “Export to PowerPoint” option will not be problematic. As you have suggested, I will request this feature to be added.

As an interim measure, it would be great if the slide content that’s reproduced in the WORD file (generated using the publishing option in Storyline) was editable text, as opposed to images.