How do I resume audio on base layer other than timeline pause?

Mar 23, 2014


I have a slide that has a base layer that includes audio and then has an additional three layers that each have a video.  The base layer has three buttons each triggers to go a particular layer when clicked.  When the learner clicks that button I have the layer set to pause the base layer timeline - which pauses the base layer audio if the learner has clicked on a button before listening to the entire audio.  When the learner closes a video layer it goes back to the base layer and immediately resumes the base layer audio.  

Except, the client finds this audio resuming immediately a bit jarring and wants to have either a pause  before the audio resumes ( which I actually don't think is possible with out some custom programming which is not an option on their budget) or for the learner to control the audio resuming when the learner returns to the base layer of the slide.  ( Yes I already see the problems with that, but this is what the customer wants.)  I can't figure out how to set a "play button/trigger" where the base layer audio "resumes" when the learner clicks it.  I see triggers to start, pause and stop, but nothing to resume where audio left off.  Obviously the timeline trigger is out.  

Thank you for any ideas in working through this client request. 

Sincerely, Michelle

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

What if you set up another layer - with a very short timeline that is essentially a copy of the base layer minus the audio or just shows the base layer through this new layer. You could then have that layer shown first after the user clicks to go back to the base layer and set the trigger on this layer to hide layer when the timeline ends (how ever many seconds you'd want it to be) and that would allow for the "pause" set up you're describing so that the audio wouldn't start right away and to the user it would look like they were just back on the base layer. 

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