How do I show current time on a slide is playing?

Is there any possibility to show the current time (e.g. 02:45) on a slide that is playing? I have a vídeo and slides that are sync to it, so I want to show timeline current time (but not the vídeo control itself, just the timeline current time). Because there is no time indicator on how long to go on each slide.

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Dave Cox

Hi Rian,

I use videos in my projects a lot, and I've found this to be an issue too.

There isn't any way to display the current time position of the Storyline timeline that I've found. Since I'm usually the creator of my videos, I just encode the time counter as part of my video. When I do this, I also add a square shape in front of my video, and set it's transparency to transparent to prevent users from pausing the video by clicking on the page. That way the video timeline matches the Storyline timeline.

If this doesn't work for you, there is another work around you might be able to use.

Add a rectangle shape across your slide, that is the same width as the slide. 
Add a Wipe Animation, and set it to animate from left to right.
Set the duration to match the number of seconds in your timeline.
Add some type of graphics to divide the timeline.

Now you have an indication of where your slide is on the timeline.

I've added a simple example of this for you to look at.

I hope that this helps.