How do I unhide an object based on a selection from a previous slide?

May 15, 2015

I have an interaction where I offer three choices (three restaurant logos).  I've set each logo to false and then the logo changes to true when clicked on.

In the next slide I want the selected restaurant logo to appear.  I have a trigger that changes the logo from hidden to normal if the variable is set to true in the previous slide.

I made sure my variables were in correct order on my first slide (ie. the variable changes to true and then jumps to slide 2.

The selected logo doesn't appear on slide 2.  Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Stacey

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Gary Collins


Your trigger on slide two will set the state of the image to show when the BBQ variable changes. You already change the variable on slide 1 to True.

So on slide 2 it won't show up until the variable changes again.

You need to change your trigger so that when the timeline starts check to see if BBQ == True.


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