How do you add a "Visited" check to a button after two menus and a content slide must have been viewed?


 I am trying to figure out the best way to make my title buttons show a check mark after all the sub-menus and content slides associated with them have been viewed.  Presently, I am using States/Edit States/Visited, but this shows the check on the Menus after only one sub-menu has been viewed, not all.

States/Visited works great for the lowest menu but not the two before it.  I assume I have to create a variable with layers, but am unsure as how to do this.  

 The example below (from my course) is three menus deep.

  • The Main Menu should not show a check until all the associated title buttons and content slides from the two menus below have been viewed.   
  • The Menu two should not show a check for each title until each of the third menu's title and content slides have been viewed.
  • The third menu will show checks using States/Visited after the learner views all the content for the selected title.

Below is a sample flow:

  1. Main Menu has five title buttonsmenu 1
  2. Menu two has seven sub-menus menu 2
  3. Menu three has nine title buttons that trigger to content slidesmenu 3

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Walt Hamilton


Visited state works well if the user visits a layer, or perhaps one other slide. Anything more complex than that and it tends to get lost.

I create a custom state named Done, or Completed. A slide trigger changes the state of the Adaptive Headlights button to completed if the variable AdaptiveHeadlightsDone is True. On the slide or layer whit the Adaptive Headlights material, there is a trigger to return to the Forward Assist sub-menu. Whether that is a timeline ends, or a user clicks, or whatever returns the user,  but BEFORE that trigger to jump, a trigger adjusts the variable AdaptiveHeadlightsDone to True. When the user returns, the Adaptive Headlights button will have a check.

After the trigger to change the state of the Adaptive Headlights button, place a similar trigger for each button, but each one must have a unique variable, just as each slide or layer that they jump to must have a trigger at the end to change the variable.

Then after those triggers, one final trigger to change the state of the Return to Safety Today Menu button to visible on condition that AdaptiveHeadlightsDone = True AND Auto-DimmingHeadlightsDone = True AND all the other variables = Treue.

Repeat for menu 2 and Menu 1.

I've attached a sample that isn't that complicated (only one level), but the restricted navigation menu uses those principles.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Shane -- Thanks for reaching out and I see that you are receiving some really great ideas here! If you are all set, please feel free to let us know, or if you have something else in mind, it would be most beneficial if you were able to share your file so that others can take a look and offer additional insights. :)