How do you answer an essay question and print results in Storyline

Dec 13, 2018

We're trying to come up with a training program within Storyline that requires a good amount of personalized feedback.  What is the best way to go about creating essay questions that allow the user to either print the results or save as PDF in Storyline?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Robert!  Thanks for using Storyline for your training programs.  ☺️

If you track your essay questions with a results slide, you can include an option to print results.  That will open a tab in your learner's browser with all of the tracked questions and their responses.  

Let me know if you have something else in mind!

Lara Garcia

Hi Ren! 

Thanks a lot for the video. Do you know if the design of the printed page can be changed? 

And, I also wanted to know: if I'm the student and I write my answer in the "Essay", I click submit and I close the course because I'm tired. Will I see my answer in that Essay blank when I open the course again? 

Thanks a lot for your time and answers! :) 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lara,

I'm glad that the information Ren shared above was helpful for you.

Evan  Hamming

It is best to make a questionnaire so that everyone can have anonymity and options to choose an answer. I have been tested and it showed how other companies operate as an example at I don't know if they do exactly scripting and question design, but it's a handy thing for someone who is going to create questionnaires and surveys for the public. The same thing was done in college and it's handy. The usual pdf form was uploaded to the cloud to the server and a link could be accessed through the system to enter the answers.