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Brian Allen

Hi Lili,

The first place I would look for inspiration is at some resume sites on the web.  There are literally thousands of them, and you can usually find top 10 or top 25 (etc) type lists everywhere.

Once you have found a few that "inspire" you, try to create something similar in Storyline and see how close you can get.

Dianne Hope

Hi Lily

I did exactly what Brian suggested - I looked on the Internet for examples, then started to put together something combining the elements from the examples that I liked.

I had previously created a "Visual Resume" using PowerPoint and publishing to a video format - you can read about this and view the final product here: 


This time I wanted to create something interactive in Storyline.  Here's a link to the published version of what I'm working on, created using Articulate Storyline 2:


This is still a work in progress, but I'm happy with how it's looking so far.

Let me know what you think.



Liliana Cotoara

Hi Dianne,

I think it's very creative, it has a lot of animations and it very colorful! I started looking on the internet for examples and I have a lot of ideas in my mind, the hardest thing for me now is to put them in storyline. I just started learning it. But it's fun and I enjoy it a lot so far!

Thank you!

Dianne Hope

Thanks Lily - I'm not sure what happened to the published version of my interactive resume (the second link above) - but I've republished now and the whole demo is now available - sorry!

Putting the ideas you have in your mind into Storyline is the fun bit - and how I learnt (and am still learning) how to use Storyline - enjoy!

Liliana Cotoara
Dianne Hope

Hi Lily - I can't view your file - you'll need to provide a link to the story file - I've attached a screenshot that shows where this is once you've uploaded your storyline output file into the public folder in Dropbox - you right-click on this story file and choose "copy public link".

Dianne Hope

Great job Lily - you have some really good elements in this design.  

I love that you've included instructions that are quite subtle, but important.  

I like your navigation - although I'm finding that when I revisit the slides with the sliders on, the sliders have retained the position I last dragged them to on the slide - you can fix this in the slide properties by choosing "reset to initial state".

I really like your colour scheme and I think with a bit more work this resume will be great!

Liliana Cotoara

Hi Dianne, thank you for the feedback. 

Thank you for the tip with the slide initial state reset, it's really helpful!

I also like the colors but it was so hard to find a nice combination. I guess there is a whole technique behind, I know different colors "play" with emotions of the viewer (ex: make them more attentive, make them feel relaxed etc)