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Steve Flowers

Hi Magda - 

Here's a quick publish and scrub of swf's:


Here are the steps I followed:

1) Publish with HTML5 output as an option.

2) Rename the story_html5.html to index.html

3) Search the published output folder for *.swf (necessary if someone is offended by SWF's, though these will never load). Select and delete the swf's if that's what floats the boat. Careful not to delete other stuff in the story_content folder. There are dependencies in this folder that the html5 player uses to display content.

4) Delete the story.html file.

Takes a couple of minutes. But the swf's are goners and it's running for me. The alternate is to just leave the swf's in and rename the story_html5.html file to index. They won't be requested or loaded. A little different process if you're publishing for LMS.