How to bring down your development time from 4 weeks to under 1

Over the last several years we have spent a lot of time working to improve the efficiencies of our development work. It is not easy when you are working with clients that require complexities in design and interactivities and you do not have that skillset. Here is what we have done to help us with all our clients. We have spent a lot of time, upfront building out a repository of predesigned templates directly into Storyline. These templates are then saved out as .storytemplate file which then enables us to pull down from the built-in storyline repository whenever we need them. This is what it looks like. Now when we build a course, we simple go through our repository and pull down the templates that we need, which includes animations, hotspots, interactivities, games and learning activities and much more. Do you think this could be beneficial to you and your organization as well?

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Julie Stelter

I think this is a great idea. I often wonder why so many of the articulate trigger combinations can't be combined into some kind of macro which would reduce development time considerably. It seems like so many processes in articulate require the same sequence of steps on different slides, within the same slide but on different objects and between courses. I think this allows for an awesome level of customization but I think we are all ready for some standard trigger combinations to decrease development time.