How to change little details in slide Review

Jul 18, 2018

Hi there, I know that I can use the feedback master to customize the feedback dialog colors. But I don't see any option to change the colors of this little elements: correct answer at the bottom and possible answer feedback in fill the gap exercises.

feedback colors in review

Fill the gap exercise review: how could you customize those elements?

feedback colors in review

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xabier io

It seems that this details are related with the Player. Fonts and colors of the player can be changed

But I don't see any clear option to change those colors. And the OK symbols seem to be a dynamically generated SVG.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Xabier,

While you can't change the colors of the red and green bars at the bottom of the screen, you can create your own custom bars on the Review Feedback Master. Check out this thread for inspiration!

Also, there isn't a way to change the color of the green check marks, but you can remove them altogether. Simply double-click the Review Results trigger on the results slide. Then, uncheck the Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing box. 

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