How to change the name of a freeform interaction?

When I convert a slide to freeform interaction (pick one), the interaction is named "pick one". I can't find a way to change this name.

The reason to change the name: it end's up in the tincan.xml file. I would like to change the name to something more descriptive.

Ofcourse I can manually change the tincan.xml meta file after publish, but I prefer not to for obvious reasons.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Niels,

Just to make sure we are clear, are you referring to the slide title in the Thumbnail? This also appears in the top tab of the slide when in normal view.

You can right click on the the slide thumbnail itselfin Normal View or in Storyview and click Rename.

If this is not what you needed, please let us know.

Niels van Drimmelen

Hi Emily,

No, I'm not referring to the slide title, but to the interaction on the slide. See the attached screenshot.

The interaction "Pick One 1" has a name: "Pick One". This name will end up in tincan.xml. I would like to change this value to something more useful like the question text.

In tincan.xml this would be something like the bold marked fragment below. Using Tincan, only the activity ID is reported to the LRS, and we need to use tincan.xml to get proper values.

(edited: seems I can't copy xml in here :(

CITAVERDE  Bedrijfsopleidingen

Hello Niels,

I know your question is from a year ago, but as I am dealing with the same problem I wonder if you found any solution for this?

I want to change the names of the freeform interactions because they show up if you want to print results. Are there any ways??