How to customize marker ?

Feb 04, 2016



My clients wants to use pulsing animation into the custom-made NEXT button in storyline courses. But the pulse animation is only available in markers in storyline. Is there anyway to change the shape of the marker into rectangle or square or we can insert our own designed icon to look like a custom -made button?

Or can we create a pulsing animation on a custom-made button till it is clicked?

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James Snider

Create different images and use the states and rollover trigger functions. When a user rolls over the image with his/her mouse, use a trigger to change the state of the image to another image. Tell it to return to the initial state when the mouse is moved off of the image. You can go online and create animated gifs all over the place. Create different pulses and then animate them into one image. When a user rolls their mouse over the image, the next state is your animated gif.


Hope that helps.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sahil -- In addition to the great suggestions you have already received, and I also wanted to share a links to a few similar posts that you may find helpful. Please see  this forum thread, and also this one and this one for some further assistance.

Best of luck, and please feel free to share your finished project to be of inspiration to others, as well! :)

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