How to customize previous/next buttons during quiz review

Jan 06, 2020

Hi Folks - I have a quiz count on my final assessment with an automatic plus 1 when a question is used.  This changes my question count during the taking of the quiz so a learner knows they have taken 8 or 16 questions, etc.  All the questions banks include multiple questions so they are given 16 form a pool of 40 questions - and they questions are shuffled.  Thus giving the questions specific numbers is out of the question.

All works well during the taking of the quiz our problems occur during the quiz review.  When a learner hits the previous button during review the quiz question adds 1 to the quiz count and now it looks like they are reviewing and unlimited number of questions even though it is the same 16 questions. 

How do I either prevent the quiz from adding 1 to the count if the learner hits the previous button or is reviewing questions they have already seen - OR my thought on a real solution how do I hide the previous button - so they learner may only review a quiz start to finish and not go backward -causing the quiz count to mess up. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Laura,

It sounds like you'd like to add slide numbers to a quiz bank, but your current setup isn't working as you'd like? 

Have you tried using Storyline 360's slide numbers feature? We even have an article that covers these steps and includes a sample file you might want to jump into. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions!

Laura Douglas

Hi Ren - Thanks for the comment - I do have a variable quiz number inserted on my master slide and a variable trigger to add one when the question has been used - but I am thinking maybe I am not setting it up correctly?  I am using %QuizNum%/16 and a trigger variable to add one to my count when that slide form the question bank was used (since I have 22 or more questions and they are set for random selection)  My problem occurs when a learner goes back to review the quiz - I reset the value to zero - and they happily ads 1 each question they review - then a learner hits the previous button and bam it adds another plus 1 to a slide they already viewed - making slide 14 now 15 at the end it is possible for a learner to previous all the way back to the beginning and see 32 out of 16 on their quiz count - or more if they click back and forth often enough during review - how do I restrict their ability to either A - hit the previous button - or B fix the way they programs counts the quiz questions?

Laura Douglas

I have tested out several of the suggestions here and I am not finding a way to make it work with the final assessment I have created.  If I select slides viewed in the scene.  It will include the introduction and results page - thus making 18 out of 16 questions - Upon review the counter no longer works and it is sitting stagnant continuing to display 18/16.  

Another option would be to hide the counter altogether when the review button is selected.  But this item doesn't seem to want to be treated as an object. 

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