How to Customize Tab Order for a Layer


I'm developing an eLearning piece in Storyline 3 and need to customize the tab order for a new layer.  When I go to Tab Order and remove/add shapes, the tab order I create for the new layer seems to override the tab order I had for the base layer.  Basically, the base layer and the new layer become identical in their tab orders.

How do I create a tab order for my new slide layer that's different from the base layer?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Andrea!

All objects for the slide will appear in the Tab Order window, including objects from layers. The objects on layers should be at the top of the Tab Order list.

If that setup isn't working well for you, can you tell me more about what you're trying to do? There might be another way to go about it!

Andrea Fabian

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for looking into this.  I want to enable someone who progresses through my module using a keyboard to only tab over the items on the active layer.  So if we're on the main slide layer, they should only be accessing items on that layer.  And if they're on an additional slide layer, they should only be able to tab over the items I've listed as 'tabable' on that layer.

I don't want the tabable items to be identical from layer to layer.


Sue Meehan

Hi there, 

is there any update on this? I had no idea that you couldn't customise tab order for each layer. Does this mean that the user has to tab through every item from all layers including the base layer on every layer? Is there a workaround for this? Otherwise it means that layers are effectively not usable in an accessible project. I have included a lot of them in my project and was not aware of this issue.