How to disable automatic adding Submit button in test mode?

Oct 06, 2021

Hi everyone!

I work on software simulations in SL 3, my projects usually have Practice and Test parts. After recording is made is SL3 I firstly add it to the practice scene in Try mode and then to the test scene in Test mode. When you add the recording in try mode, hotspots work automatically, so there are no special triggers or anything - you click the hotspot, the cursor is shown as hand, then you go to the next slide or see the Try again layer if you click outside hotspot. However if you add this recording to the try scene SL will act completely differently:

1. it puts a submit button on the player (what for?),

2. the trigger is aded: "Submit interaction Hotspot when user clicks submit button",

3. clicking the hotspot correctly will still bring you to the next slide and clicking the player submit button will not,

4. the cursor will not change to the hand,

5. form  view will have submit options set as "On click", but never the "Vy player button".

Here is the question: how can we make the test mode work automatically in the same way as try mode? What I mean is:

1. no submit button on player

2. no unnecessary triggers or only a trigger "Submit interaction when user clicks on the hotspot" (the same as in form view)

3. cursor changes to hand when hotspot is hovered.

I know how to do it manually but in case of 20+ slides and lots of projects it wastes plenty of time.


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