How to display a result screen with multiple variables based on user selection?

Aug 20, 2020

Hello all. I'm building a final exam game for a nutrition literacy course. In the game, the learner will be given scenarios based on the dietary needs of the diners (IE: consider that they're diabetic and need high calcium). I've got the variables for various nutrition elements and serving sizes for about 50 food ingredients in the game. The learner needs to select appropriate ingredients and add them to a shopping cart. Once selected, the learner needs to then review the selection and make changes if necessary before hitting submit. Then they'll see if they passed the scenario or not, which I am using Javascript to help calculate the various variables. 
What I'm stuck on is the review page. I'm not sure how to display a page that only shows the food items a learner selected and gives the option for editing serving quantity.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance!

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