How to email quiz results from Storyline?


A bit of background ... we use Storyline at Xerox for our e-learning development, and on the whole it's great. For the quizzes we do some weird jiggery pokery to get the Storyline output into our LMS carrier of choice, Force10. It's ugly, let's not go there.

But for our latest project we have a new requirement, for the test results to also be sent to an email address. We picture it like this ... 1) A couple of freeform text fields where the learner enters their email address and their manager's email address ... 2) A multi-choice quiz, fairly standard but with a freeform box on each one asking 'why did you choose that answer?' ... 3) At the end, when they submit their answers, all of their responses including the freeform boxes get sent off to whatever they entered in the email boxes on page 1. The idea is to eliminate the guesswork/repeat aspect of multi-choice and get managers involved in their team's learning.

Sounds simple enough doesn't it? But how?

I will also welcome the reply 'it cannot be done, don't be so stupid' as I can at least stop trying to find a way then.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mike and welcome to Heroes!

Unfortunately the "email results" feature is not included in Storyline. The reason being that there’s no way to email results easily, accurately, and consistently. For example, if you use Gmail or your computer’s security settings are high, you can’t email results. Also, you run the risk of learners tampering with results since they can access the email before it’s sent. Given these limitations, we decided not to include the email results feature in our products anymore.

With that being said a few other options or ideas to get you started...

What about setting these questions up as a standard freeform quiz, and if you include a results slide (can dress it up to not look like a results slide) with the option to print the results it would generate an HTML page for the user. They could then print, email, save, etc. that page and share it with their managers as appropriate. Of course this relies on the user taking those actions and depending on your teams, you may not want to go that route.

The next thought, would be to use something such as an embedded web object pointing to a Google form. You could easily capture all that data and let Google handle the emailing of it or storing it within Google drive. It could also all easily live on one screen/page - whereas Storyline quiz questions by default are each on their own page/screen.

Hope that helps - and that others from the community may also chime in here!

Mike Nicol

Hi Ashley


First of all many thanks for putting my mind at rest and confirming that this isn't an option in Storyline. But second of all even manyer (?) thanks for your excellent suggestions as to how this could be done. If we went with the first option would there be a way to force them to at least email it somewhere? I'm thinking that when they click on the email button then, and only then, can they progress to the next slide and hence finish the course (and hence have a completion show up on our LMS)


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mike,

Glad I could help set your mind at ease! There is certainly a lot to learn with Storyline.

The "print results" option wouldn't have a way to force the user to do anything with them - although you could force them to click on the "print results" by using a trigger/variable/or state combination that wouldn't allow them past that slide until the state of the print results button changes or a variable is adjusted when they click the button. Take a look at some of the examples of how this is done for the next button and disabling it until the user has interacted with all slide elements - the principles will be similar. If there is a slide after the results slide - you could actually use that method exactly so that the user can't proceed until they click on it. There won't be a way to force the user to print it though or email the html document to anyone - so you'll want to provide some on screen instructions on the results slide about what to do.

Hope that helps!