How to include case scenarios typically done in live training

Jun 11, 2020

So I am converting a live webinar to storyline 360.  I have this one section where they look at writing goals for clients.  In the live training, we walk through examples of goals (some good, some bad).  So what they do is read the scenario and the idea of a goal then they answer several questions related to the criteria required for goals in our program.   These are goals for infants and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities.   


So it right now sort of goes like this. 

Mom and dad want Timmy to walk so his goal is - 

Timmy will walk to the car on his own so that mom doesn't have to carry him. 

Then I ask - does it address a specific routine, is it necessary and functional for the child and family's life, does it support the family's priorities and concerns, is the wording jargon free, does the wording emphasize the positive? 

So it's not a quiz so I don't need it graded.  More I would like for them to pick an answer (yes, no, maybe, unsure, something) and then that might show the "answer" some f them are not black and white answers.  

Does that make sense at all?  Any thoughts on how to make it engaging?  They will walk through several of these.  



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kristy!

One way you can achieve this is by using lightboxes! This is a great way to make sure the learner can answer questions while a video is playing.

I've created a sample project for you where a video plays on a slide and then the video is paused when a question slide appears! You can see the project in action here. This link is active for 10 days.

I've also attached the story file to this discussion! Let me know if you have any questions.

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