How to jump back to the base layer of a previous slide and hide last layer shown?

Mar 06, 2023

Hi everyone, complete beginner here - so my question might be quite simple...

I have a drag&drop quiz designed in storyline that includes the quiz slide and practice slides. When the quiz is answered incorrectly - the user jumps to a practice slide triggered by a "practice" button on the incorrect layer. Once the user has finished practicing a "quiz" button triggers "Jump back to quiz slide #xx"). Now I have the problem that this trigger always brings me back to "incorrect layer" of the quiz slide - not the base layer where the quiz is.

I tried to add a trigger "hide layer" on the incorrect layer when the "practice button" is clicked but it did not work.

Happy about any suggestions! Thanks! 

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Walt Hamilton

The practice slide can't close a layer on the quiz slide, but the quiz slide can.

One option is on the incorrect layer, if there is a trigger to jump to the practice slide, place a "close this layer" trigger BEFORE the "jump" trigger.

Another method is to set the slide properties on the quiz slide to "Return to initial state on revisit". That will reset everything, so it may not be what you want.