How to lock the navigation inside a Multi-sco project

Jan 29, 2019

Dear all,

I’m writing you regarding an issue we are facing during the creation of mandatory training course for one of our clients.

Considering this is a mandatory by law training course, we have to set a navigation structure that allows the users to complete each step (or units) in a progressive way without allow them to jump from unit to another one without a previous successful completion.

Right now, for each training module (overall, there are 3 modules), we developed 6 units using Articulate Storyline 360. Each unit has a final test.

The client has an internal custom LMS Moodle-based and they ask us to provide them the course with a Multi-sco package.

We used SSP tool to create the multi-sco file, but when we tested on the platform, the mandatory requirement to lock the navigation inside the course doesn't work.

Do you have any suggestion about how we can set correctly the navigation rules inside the course?

Thank you in advance for all your support.


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Leslie McKerchie


Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you're running into when working on your project.

It sounds like you may have implemented restricted or locked navigation within the project itself. Is that correct?

When this is published as a stand-alone, does it work as expected? I wasn't clear on if the project was not working as intended or if the tool you mentioned was the culprit of what you were experiencing.

A good test would be to upload the zipped published output to SCORM Cloud and see how it performs there.

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