How to make a Certificate of Completion from the results slide- using variables in Storyline. (low tech – work around)

May 16, 2015

Hi ...I needed to do this recently... I don't have an IT background and I wanted the certificate to play on stand alone computers... so here is what I did...

Step 1: Insert your variables… What do you want to appear in the name, payroll number etc.. I create a new slide and usually put this at the beginning of the course or before the quiz questions.

Step2: Insert questions and graded quiz results slide.

Step 3: Go to the quiz results slide and you can see there are 2 layers success and fail… You will change the fail layer to let the learner know they have failed.. and  have a button with a trigger to redo the course or exit but the success layer is where you will make the certificate. In the base layer cut the word result and put it into the fail layer. In the success layer you now will put your heading Certificate of Completion and maybe the course title.

Step 4: Deleting information on the base slide… You will delete the print and display buttons from the base layer. You can also delete the line and if you don’t need it the passing score. (everything depends on your client, some clients just don’t need this much information) (so your base layer only has the result information that  to you want to display left in it)

Step 5: Now go to your success layer and put in the text “Awarded to” and next to it put your variable name reference and any other text you may need.  I also put in a signature and date text on the bottom of the success layer (which should be signed by the participant or their manager)

Keep going between the base layer and the layers to see how it all looks.

Step 6: Make it pretty.. put in a boarder, logo of the company and maybe a photo background make sure you send the photo to the back. Delete the slide player menu, resources, prev and back arrows (so that it will look like a certificate when you print it)

Step 7: Insert a voice over.. congratulations right click to print your certificate….. (as I said this is a low tech work around)

Publish - Job done! I have attached my youtube link  showing how to.. if you need it....


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