How to make a user visit all places before moving on

Alright, so this took me FOREVER to figure out how to do. I didn't find this anywhere else so I am posting about it to help those of you who wanted to know how to do it as well. I am going to tell you how to prevent users from moving on from a slide until they have visited all buttons, shapes or whatever you want them to visit. In the Webinar that is presented every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2 pm, the presenter gives you one way to do this but you have to use a shape to do it and I wanted my users to be able to just use the next button. I knew there had to be an easier way and I found it!

To prevent a user from moving on without using shapes:

1. Give the button/shape that you want the users to visit, a visited state (use the state tool bar at the bottom of the page to do so)

2. Place a standard trigger for the "Next" button

    >Jump to slide

    >Next slide

    >User clicks

    >Next button

3. Click the "Show Conditions" button in that screen

    >Click Add +

    >Click the circle next to "Shapes"

    > If: Choose all the shapes/buttons that you want to be visited

    >Equal to


Note: You will need to do this seperately for each button or shape you would like visited.

4. When done click "OK" and you are all set to go!

Make sure that this is the only trigger that has to do with moving to the next slide or scene! Otherwise, this will not work.

I hope this helps those of you that need it. Post on here or let me know if you need any other instructions and I will try and help!


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