How to make survey responses visible to all who take our course?

Aug 23, 2013

I'm starting to build a course in Storyline that's going to have a bunch of reflective questions in it. Normally I'd build them as survey questions since the answers aren't right or wrong; the point is to get people to think about their habits. 

However, I think there would be a lot of value in having the answers accumulate (for lack of a better word) across users as they take the course, and be visible to other users once they submit their own results. I'm thinking this would necessitate a third-party solution that we could embed. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a tool we could use? 

We're looking at, but you can't really do any styling with it. What you get is what you get, and it's going to clash fairly horribly with our design. Someone else mentioned Wufoo. We'd really like to find something that's easy to use and integrate within the course. We'd rather it not have a third-party feel. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance. 

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Brett Rockwood

The problem with Google Forms is a lot of companies block access to them as a security measure. Many LMSs have a survey tool but it wouldn't be "integrated" into you SL file. It would just be another learning object that you could require learners to complete. Not a very satisfying answer, I know. I would love to hear some other suggestions.

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