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Crystal Horn

Hi Suresh!  Your output looks really good so far.  I can see that you removed most of the Player elements.  The Previous and Next button were still on slide 1.3, so the Player will still reserve room for them on every slide, even though it's invisible.

The only suggestion I might make is to have a look at your Player and Browser settings here:

You could change the Player size setting to "Scale player to fill browser window."  That will make it so your course scales up to fill the browser window, and it might give it more of a website feel.  You could also choose to "Launch player in new window" with no browser controls if you'd like to eliminate the browser chrome from the course experience as well.

Let me know if those ideas work!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Suresh!

Storyline slides will fill the screen (as much as possible) without stretching or skewing the slide content. If you see some white space on the left and right side of the slides, that means the browser window is wider than the slide itself. 

If you're using Storyline 360, try out the Modern Player. Instead of stretching the slide (which would skew your slide design), the Modern Player adds gray space to fill the browser window. 

Also, keep in mind that the extra space you see will change depending on the size of the screen or browser window you use to view the course.