How to navigate to next / previous pages without detection?

Apr 18, 2013

I'm working on a software demo for my company that they want to look as much as the product in real-life as possible, as our sales people will be using it on sales calls where internet connections are spotty. My company wants to give the illusion that the product is actually running, when in fact it's a storyline demo.

Therefore, I have stripped down the storyline player to just a simple outline border with no menu, next, or previous buttons (from the storyline player). I now need a way to go from one screen to the next, but without obvious buttons on the screen.

I've placed rectangular boxes in the lower left and right of each screen (with 98% transparancy, so right now they are visible to me...). I've assigned triggers to them to go to the next and previous screens, but when I put my mouse over the button, it changes into the "hand" pointer. I don't want this.

Is it possible to turn off the hand pointer? Can anyone figure out a better way?

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