How to remotely serve content on different servers?

Hi All,

I have come across use cases where course content is hosted on the developers website and they provide a SCORM Stub for want of a better word which is loaded into the client LMS and is loaded from the developer website through the SCORM STUB.

Maybe I am not explaining the flow correctly but does anyone know how such a process could be implemented on Storyline?

Basically I want the content to be hosted centrally and updated in one place which will feed several clients installations and allow me to turn off the tap when renewals are left unpaid.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Philip Siwinski

Hello Thomas, it's been a while since you posted. Have you found a solution?

I think that what you described is less related to Storyline than on the way you deliver courses.

It could be handled by a LMS providing a SCORM connector. You could also have a look at Rustici's various solutions to distribute learning content.

A way to distribute eLearning