How to remove Restart and Resume buttons

Hello e-learning experts. Please pardon the "newbie" question.

I'm designing an exam using Articulate Storyline, which is loaded in our LMS (SCORM) as a "course" content. After the participant has finished the exam and closed the browser tab, we would like them to NOT be able to "resume" or "restart" the course, since we only want them to have one attempt.

In our LMS, whether they pass or fail the exam, they could go back to their learning menu, find the course ID, and click on it again, to re-launch the content. If they figure this out, they will be greeted by the "Resume or Restart" options (picture attached). This allows them to re-do the exam (which we would like to avoid - we don't want them to see the questions to study from or share with others). 

I was thinking I should add a trigger to disable the navigation buttons on the first page once it was "visited" the first time, so that even if they clicked "restart" in the player, it would bring them to the first page of the quiz (a title page), but they cannot proceed any further. Does this make sense? Is there a better way?

Thanks for your input!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Milo,

Those buttons are based on the Resume behavior you've set. You can set a course to always resume - meaning if the learner closed it, they'd be brought back to where they left off. It won't present a choice or option for them. You could then control where they'd go in the course from there using triggers. 

Impact Group

I've had the exact same problem and couldn't figure it out. 

Ashley, does the option you explain here remove the "restart" button as well? I've managed to set mine with the resume function, which I'm fine with, but I want to remove the "restart" option. Currently, they could click "restart" and access all the questions again and it even records their scores again if they submit answers again.

Vincent Scoma

Hi There,

Thank you for reaching out!

With player settings set to Always Resume, the restart course prompt shouldn't be appearing. The Resume Saved State setting is a little bit different as that is a Slide Property that lets you determine how objects on a slide behave when learners revisit the same slide later.  

Something we could look into to pinpoint what might be going on is to check the Player Properties for the course. You can review the Player Property settings by: 

  1. From the Home tab in Storyline, click on the Player tab.
  2. When the Player Properties window appears, click Other on the ribbon.
  3. In the Resume section of the window, check to see which resume option is currently set. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help!