How to remove the previous and next buttons

Jan 26, 2015

How can I remove the previous and next buttons for only 3 slides in my course. There is other buttons that have triggers and I don't want the previous and next buttons to display for those specific slides.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amanda

Sorry to hear you're having trouble - to my knowledge it can only be done in Storyview not slide view

this is how I do it

In Storyview click the first slide in a scene, then Ctrl A to select all slides in the scene ensuring that the scene is deselected, 

after the first slide you should see the properties in the slide panel Prev and Next selected with a tick.  Once you Ctrl A to select all slides, the slide panel changes to say something like 'multiple slides' and the the ticks will change to blocks of colour .  Now you should be able to deselect prev and next and it will affect all slides selected.

hope that helps


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

As Wendy mentioned you can only select multiple slides in story view, so the way you've shown that your currently doing it will only update the one slide where you're changing the slide properties. When you're looking at your scenes in story view, are they slides/scenes collapse so that you're just seeing the small images or icons? Are you double clicking on the slides - as that would open the slides vs. just a single click which would allow you to select multiple at once. Here is more information on how to use story view. 

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