How to rename Storyline output folder without breaking the project

Sep 27, 2013

Hi - This is my first post to the forum, so thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I look at my published file on my local drive and all is well. I bring the entire "ProjectName ouput" file into our site through Dreamweaver and because I don't want to publish a folder with a space in the name (or with the word "output"), I rename the folder back to just "ProjectName" When prompted to let Dreamweaver update the file links as a result of doing that, I do and I then send the renamed folder and its contents out to the world. When I then go to the URL for the ProjectName/story.html file, I get a blank screen with the correct background color and no contents. I have done this before successfully but now that I am in a crunch to publish a new project, I cannot seem to get this to work as before. : \

I've also tried first creating the desired folder name on our site and just bringing the contents of the output folder in, but no luck there either.

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