How to Set Slide Duration to Match the length of Audio

Jul 24, 2012

I have a slide that contains audio and objects.  By default the slide takes a particular length which is more than the length of the audio in the slide.  Now I can manually adjust the slide duration to align to the audio length but that is a manual step that I will need to do for all the slides. 

Is there some setting that I can do such that once I add audio, my slide duration automatically sets to this audio duration?



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Payal Tandon

I think this is a relatively simple thing to do.  My guess is that there is a setting somewhere on the slide wherein we can say that slide duration should be as long as the audio on the slide is.  But can someone please tell me where I can find this setting. :(  This thing is eating into the quality of the finished product...:( :(

Payal Tandon

Finally I got around to submitting my story file for trouble shooting.  Long story short - Currently there is no setting in Storyline Slide which tells the slide to be as long as the audio in that slide is.  So we have to do this manually for now.  Now that I know we have to do this manually, I have included this step in my production process. 

I have included a feature request for this feature.  Lets see if this one makes it in the future releases!!

Bonnie Budd


I have a different, but related problem.  For some reason, Storyline doesn't like one of my audio clips.  When I insert it, I get a msg that Storyline may close, and the timeline on all my slides gets covered by a white box with a red X in it. I figured that this didn't actually crash the program, or stop me from working, but when I close and reopen the program the timelines are clear again and able to be edited.  However....and this is my actual problem....the slide where the offending audio file (which does work by the way, so I don't know what the error's all about...) was placed now has a timeline of 1000 seconds.  I changed all objects on the timeline to end when the audio does, after 8 seconds, but the "end" of my timeline still shows at 1000 seconds.  I can manually drag it back but it is taking forever to pass through each 100th millisecond along the way.  What I want to be able to do is change the slide duration in the Slide Properties.

Why can't I do this?  Seems like a big oversight.  ??  Do I have any alternative rather than to manually sit here with the mouse dragging to the left for the next hour to make my slide 8 secs instead of 1000 secs?

Any help much appreciated!


Bonnie Budd

Jamie and Meryem,

Thanks for your replies. I did as you both described but was wrong in my original was actually set at something like 1000 minutes (!) and dragging all the way to the left was a silly process - I literally held there for 10 full minutes watching the timeline zoom by, thinking I was making great progress, only to find that I had cut about 3 of the 1000 minutes off my timeline! 

I don't know why this happened.  To workaround I actually deleted the slide all together and recreated from scratch.  A pain, but a useful experience to give rise to a feature request:  Can we set the slide duration as a property as we can with individual objects?  Please?


Randy Richardson

I'm experiencing the same problem.  I have an audio clip that i want the timeline to trigger movement to the next slide.  However,  my other objects have a timeline 10 times longer than my audio clip.  There is no way to quickly match the object timelines to the audio timeline?

i know i'm necro'ing this thread but thought it'd be appropriate to add here than start another thread.

from what it appears i'll have to manually drag each object timeline to match my much shorter audio timeline?

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