How to show a slide layer from an action on a different slide?

I'm trying to build individualised feedback on the last slide of a scenario where it shows all the options the learner chose on the previous 4 slides. Can I turn slide layers on and off depending upon the choices made on earlier slides? I'm a bit lost as to how to do this, any advice or tips are appreciated.

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Lorraine Minister

Thanks Alexandros,

I've had a go doing true false variables on earlier slides and then adding a trigger to the last slide if the variable = true show slide layer .... but it's still not working. Are true false the way to go or should I be using number variables - is this what you mean by values? i.e should I give each option a different number value and then do a trigger if the number value = 1 then show this slide layer?

I'll keep playing with the code and will let you know if I get any joy... if you or anyone else has any other tips in the meantime it will be much appreciated

Lorraine Minister

I've just worked it out and it works, super excited!! Thanks Alexandros your comment of "values of those variables" helped me solve this problem. I used a pick one freeform interaction and then used a number variable to assign each option a number and then a trigger on the last slide saying display this slide layer if the number variable = 1 and so on.