How to Show a Stop Layer when using a timer built in master slides

Feb 27, 2020

I have attached the file below, (Slide 11) I need some help with. I am building an updated fire extinguisher training for my company and created a "Extinguish the Fire" simulation. Here's the walk-through:

1. Player clicks the extinguisher on the counter. 

2. New sprayer appears they are instructed to click in order to "spray and put out the fire".

3. If they click too high, the prompt will remind them that is too high and to aim at the base. 

4. I have a variable set to a certain number of clicks that will hide certain flame images, therefore it gives the appearance of the fire minimizing as they are clicking "spraying the extinguisher".

5. They have 30 seconds to see if they can extinguish the fire. To completely extinguish the user needs to click a total of 25 times. 

PROBLEM: I have a trigger set for when my seconds variable reaches 30 to show the STOP slide. Therefore, ending the simulation. But it's not working. What am I missing?

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, if you change the trigger on your slide master on the "Timer2" layer, "Show layer Timer1 When the timeline ends on this layer."  to add a condition "If seconds < 30", then it will stop firing once seconds hits 30 and will allow your STOP layer to show.  It was showing very briefly in a flash.

Also, you should not need the STOP layer in both the master and on the main timeline, unless you are using it elsewhere.

Good luck.

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