How to start with Articulate 360 and RISE?

Jul 17, 2023

I have recently started using Articulate 360 and RISE so technically I am new to the Articulate authoring tool. I did go through the courses on LinkedIn Learning and weekly training sessions organized by Articulate and now it is the time to practice and polish my skills.

I see a lot of weekly challenges which are useful for developing skills but I found that they are not in a specific order. 

Can anyone guide me on what I can do to be in action and stay motivated to practice my skills in Articulate?

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Judy Nollet

Do you just want to improve your software skills? If so, look at interesting examples (often found in response to the weekly challenge), and then try to re-create them. For example, figure out how an interaction was programmed, or how a motion effect was created. You could also try answering questions in the Forum.

Do you also want to improve your instructional-design skills? Pick a topic that interests you, and prepare a short course about it. Or perhaps prepare different interactions that could be used to present the same information, and analyze which one works best. 

Steven Benassi

Hi Nidhi!

Welcome to authoring in Storyline, Rise, and the E-Learning Heroes community!

I see that Judy has offered some great suggestions, but I just wanted to pop in and share that if you were looking for more entry-level lessons I would suggest checking out the video guides and webinars available on our website!

Also, I wanted to invite you to our tips and tricks webinars. Once each month at 11am ET, our training team hops on a live call to answer top questions from our customers.

It's super casual (and they're super smart!), so it's a great place to get expert tips and answers to frequently asked questions from our online community. In short, everything you need to create incredible online learning! You can register for the next call here:

And don't worry if you can't make it, because everyone who registers will get a recording sent to them afterward! There's also a huge list of on-demand past trainings available.

Thanks for reaching out and have a great start to your week!