How to track current and previous slider value

Jul 13, 2018

Hi Guys,

Need help :(

I've found this amazing tutorial in Youtube about creating parallax (with states) in Storyline. But unfortunately I found no clear solution.

I already know how to track the current slider value. My concern now is how to track the previous slider value. I need this to change the state of my character to "walk right" or "walk left" (negative and positive value). Please see tutorial below.

Looking forward to your help.

Thank you all in advance.


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Ben McKenna

Setup a separate variable to inherit the value of the Slider variable whenever it changes. Storyline fires triggers in the order they appear in your trigger window, so you want to re-arrange your triggers so that the direction is determined AFTER the slider moves, but BEFORE you overwrite the comparison variable.

See this example:

I've also attached the .story file so you can see the order of the triggers.

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