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Eric Santos

Hello Czarek,

Sorry, you've hit this snag! I tested this on my end, and I can see the left column using Polish.

Player text labels

I'm happy to help troubleshoot this issue with text labels and would like to start with clarifying questions to understand your experience better.

  1. Are you using 64-bit or 32-bit Storyline to test?
  2. Did you use Custom Text Labels? If so, do you see the same issue when using the built-in Polish language?

I'm looking forward to your response!

Steven Benassi

Hi Cezary!

Happy to jump in here! Thank you for sharing that screen recording!

Testing the behavior on my end (32-bit Storyline 360 version 3.82.31354.0 via Windows Parallels on a Mac M1) I had the same results that Eric shared previously. Both of the text label columns were present and functional.

If you've confirmed that you are working locally, and a repair of your Storyline installation doesn't improve the issue, would you be comfortable sharing your .story file for testing? Feel free to upload it here in the discussion or privately through a support case.

We'll delete it from our system as soon as troubleshooting is finished!