How to turn off font scaling?

May 20, 2024

I had to update my storyline to accommodate an object that had this on but how do I turn it off?

I want my text boxes to conform to the size of text like it used to not the other way around like it's doing now. It's making matching positions more hassle than it needs to be.


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Bruce,

Happy to help!

When you say font scaling, are you referring to Storyline 360's Text Autofit Improvement feature? This is the feature responsible for making scroll bars appear whenever text doesn't fit in text boxes. 

If yes, text autofit improvements can't be turned off once enabled. However, you can import slides into a new project file to revert to legacy autofit settings since text autofit improvements are disabled by default in new projects.

If you're willing to share screenshots of the challenges you are experiencing with text, I'll be glad to check if there is a setting in Storyline 360 that can be changed to accommodate your expected behavior.