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Judy Nollet

Wow. The checkbox should maintain whatever state (selected or not selected) it is in when you close the Slide Layer Properties. 

That slide may be corrupted. You could try creating a new slide to see if that problem still happens. 

If the problem continues, I suggest you contact the Articulate staff directly. You can do that here: Contact Support for Help with Any Articulate E-Learning Course Development Software 

Steven Benassi

Hi Cezary!

Sorry to hear you've hit a snag with that option from the player properties!

As Judy shared, rebuilding the slide from scratch to see if it improves the behavior is a great troubleshooting step! Also, confirming that you are working locally and not from a network drive which can cause erratic behavior.

If that doesn't do the trick, feel free to share a copy of your .story file here in the discussion or privately through a support case. We'd be happy to investigate this further and will delete it from our system as soon as we're finished!

Steven Benassi

Hi Peter!

So sorry to hear you're also experiencing this behavior!

I see that the community has offered some helpful insight. However, if the steps shared in this discussion didn't work, I'd be happy to take a closer look at one of your affected project files. Feel free to upload it here in the thread or privately through a support case.

Looking forward to hearing from you!